Fascinated by how the brain reconfigures our world into something we can comprehend and build on, I attempt translate the complexity of our ever evolving cultural matrix by exploring internal conversations through abstract imagery. Using a personal vocabulary, gesture, and combined techniques of painting, drawing and printmaking.

My work is part planned, part spontaneous. Relating the need for connection through collision of form and line, but the inherent singularity remains. Each piece holds within it the possibility of change. Often the original intent is totally obliterated by the paintings end.  It has to stand on its own, have a voice. I want to look at a piece after completing it, be drawn into it, and wonder if I had anything to do with it at all.

"All life feeds upon the random"–Douglas Hofstadter


Oct 2017- Lawrence Art Center 12x12 Exhibit

April 2016- Kiosk Gallery- Solo show

May 2015- Kiosk Gallery- "What am I looking at?" Group Show

May 2015- Leedy Voulkas Art Center- "Kansas City Voices" Group Show

March 2014- Kiosk Gallery PolyChromatic-A Group Exhibition in Color